Simple & Efficient Welding System by Superweld.

SUPERWELD is the brand name describing exothermically welded electrical connections. Exothermic is a chemical term describing a chemical reaction which gives off heat as the reaction take place.
Exothermic welding connections can be used to weld copper, copper alloys, copper clad steel and various steel alloys including stainless steel.


Step 1
Clean the conductors to be welded. Place the cables into position in the mold.
Step 2
Close the handle clamp to lock the mold. Place the disk into position in the mold
Step 3
Place the weld metal into the mold. Sprinkle the starting powder over the weld metal and on top the lip of the mold
Step 4
Close the cover and ignite using flint gun. Open the mold after the metal solidifies. Remove the slag from the mold before
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