Lightningtech’s systems and solutions are designed to offer front-line defence against damage and destruction due to lightning.
The bare galvanised steel wires are known for their durability and long lasting performance. These are used for various electrical purposes and fabricated using superior grade raw material. Having outstanding strength, these bare galvanised steel wires are OEM and offered in standard lengths and sizes. Bare Galvanised Steel Wire to BS183, BS443, Grade 700
These Wire Rope Clips are OEM and designed for maximum holding strength. Heavy duty construction throughout. Wire Rope Clips are effective hardware for installing loop ends on a cable assembly. WRC series wire rope clips are not to be used on a plastic coated cable without first stripping off plastic. Wire rope clips must be installed over bare cable only.

Earth Bar & Earth Boss

Earth Bar
Earth Boss
Earth bars provide a convenient common earthing point for electrical installations. LTE earth bars are made from high quality hard drawn tinned copper bar. Earth Bars are available in variety of sizes and specifications. Our standard earth bars are shown in the table below. Special earth bars manufactured to customer requirements are also available.

‘C’ Connectors

  • ‘C’ Type of connectors is made from copper at least 99.9%
  • Finishing with tin-plated at least 3-microns
  • Dimpled or serrated to obtain high pull-out value
  • Chamfered edges designed to protect the wire
  • Stamped lines show proper crimp dies position

Square Bonds & Test Link Box

Stainless Steel Square Bond c/w Rubber Sleeve
Test Link Box
Select the correct type of metalwork bond for the application i.e. a flat column face or metal deck roofing These jointing bonds and clamps will ensure a low resistance, corrosion resistance connection and suitable to use in corrosive atmosphere.
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